Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Meredith, Adrian, and Carter too!

Dead Duck!

The duck has finally bit the dust! Carter managed to decapitate the duck that his Auntie Carol gave him when he first came home. RIP, duck!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day!

Today was a snow day from school. The weather has been pretty bad all day long...snowing and a lot of blowing wind. Here are some pictures of how we spent our day...

A view of our front door...poor Carter has to jump the snow banks
to go potty!

Digging for God only knows!

Snow Bunny! Come on, let me in!


The three of us went to a Christmas party at Jaime's house on Saturday. While we were there Jaime gave me my Christmas presents from Alex...a nice, fuzzy blanket; and Carter's first Christmas ornament! Thanks Alex (and Jaime!)
The party was fun, thanks for the invite!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Pics

Here are some pics of Carter after he was groomed...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Loved by All...What a Feeling!

I took Carter into work on Thursday at the end of the day to say hi to everybody. Right away a TA saw him and said "Oh, this is what I needed right now, it's been such a rough day." It was nice to know that seeing our little furball made her feel better, even for a small moment. Then he got lots of love from his Auntie Melanie, the School Nurse! Carter then made his second trip to the Principal's Office, where he was greeted enthusiastically by his "Uncle Tony," thats a direct quote from the horse's mouth! "Uncle Tony" likes to swoop Carter up and take him to a mirror where they can look at one another and see how cute they are. To know Tony is to love Tony, and I am SO thankful that he is my Principal!

Later on that night Aunt Karen called to formally invite us to Christmas Eve at her house. Of course we're going, it's tradition! Then she asked if Carter could come too! So excited that Carter gets to be a part of the festivities. I told Aunt Karen we would bring him, but that Aunt Bert has already requested to babysit him that night, and if we back out totally she will be hearbroken! So Carter will be visting both Aunt's houses that night.

How lucky are we to have such an in-demand pup?! He's the best and every day we tell one another how much we love him....even when he snarling and biting our pant legs,asking to go outside in the middle of a snow storm, begging for food, and crying and whining! :) What a guy!

First Trip to the Groomer!

Tonight we decided to brave the elements and take Carter for his first grooming! We went with the "puppy cut," so his face, paws, and legs got a little trim. His nails were also cut. Carter can actually see now! All that hair in front of his eyes is no longer...he looks like a different much older! The groomer said that he was a little nervous, but was friendly, and he of course got lots of love from all he came into contact with! He's a little charmer;) I'll post some pics soon, I haven't taken any yet because he's been sleeping.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cross Your Fingers!

Last night I wrapped almost all of our Christmas presents. It took me about 4 hours. Adrian helped with the tags, which was a pretty big help because I don't like to do the tags. Carter slept through most of it, with a few funny moments here and there. We also put down the tree skirt last night and piled the presents on, hoping that he would be afraid of the boxes and not notice the pretty sequins! So far so good!

This a.m. I had to print out some paperwork for my part-time counseling job that I do. This was Carter's first experience with the printer. Clearly he didn't like it because he spent the entire time crying and hiding behind the curtains or growling from a distance! This dog is crazy--he's afraid of a laser jet, but makes friends with a Great Dane during his last vet appt. Adrian always says "That's your son," I'm not sure what he means by that?!?

Anyways, here is a new picture from last night of the boys watching me wrap. Yes, Adrian is able to write tags while laying down--who knew?!?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Such a Big Guy

Enjoying the heat from the floor registers at my parent's house.

Rough-housing with "dad."

Carter's new "I've been Naughty" shirt, which he wore today when he got his picture taken with Santa:)

Christmas ornament from my friend, Melanie, who is the school nurse in my building. She picked this up for us in Cocoa Beach, FLA.

One of Carter's favorite spots, especially when he's mad and pouting!

Carter has been spending a lot more time in his crate since Adrian and I have been on the go non-stop it seems like. Friday night we went to my work Holiday party...good times I might add! Saturday we did some Christmas shopping and then went to dinner at one of our faves- Pastabilities, in d'town Syracuse--I highly recommend it! He's getting so big and developing quit a personality! Today was another busy day of baths, pictures, and a trip to see his grandma and grandpa!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Living Room Tree

"Boy Tree"

"Girly Tree"

Adrian and I put up our Christmas trees (yes, plural) Sunday and Monday. We have three trees. The main Christmas tree is in our living room and it has a silver, blue, and clear ornament theme. One of the other trees has a "girly" theme, with ornaments of pigs in tutus, cupcakes, and high heels. Our third tree is the "boy tree," with a Yankee and Dallas Cowboys theme. This is the first year for the 4 foot trees, so they are a work in progress...check back next year!

We had fun decorating them and the rest of the apt. We put up our stockings--Carter's too, and Carter even got a "Happy Holidays" bone- shaped placement for his food and water bowl. Surprisingly Carter hasn't been too interested in the trees, although I have yet to put down the Christmas tree skirt because I can just envision Mr. with sequins dangling from his lips!


The latest person to meet Carter was my Cousin, Brian, who lives in Leesburg, VA, about 45 minutes from D.C. Brian came with a gift for Mr. Mr. which he has thoroughly enjoyed! Who knew Carter was into marine life (it's a seahorse!). Also thanks to Brian for the framed print from St. Johns and the shot glass for Adrian and I!

Thanks to Aunt Bert for the Merry Christmas t-shirt!

Love my OZ girls!

It was so great to see my girls this weekend! Going to Plattsburgh (aka PlattsVegas!)for my Undergrad was the best move I could have made. I met some of my best friends the first 5 minutes I was there, and met the other half shortly thereafter! Most all of us lived on the same floor in the dorms and then eventually moved off campus together into 2 apartments within the same house. Oh how I miss 88 Broad St., and our front porch! Flip cup anyone?

No matter the distance between us, the days and weeks that sometimes pass before we can find a moment to catch up, we always fall right back into place, picking up right where we left off. Syracuse, Albany, Connecticut, NYC, Westchester Co., Seattle, wherever, we're always just an "event" apart!

Here are some of the girls with their guys...its fun to see who your friends end up with!

Tracy and Curt (Destination 2010, right?!)

Stephy and Will

Carla and Tom (Im in the wedding, July '09!!)

Suzie and Jeremy (I'm in the wedding Aug. '09!!)

Love you guys!

Congratulations Katie and Matt!

Here are some pics. from Katie and Matt's wedding. The wedding was a traditional Catholic ceremony is a really pretty church. I loved hearing the church bells ring outside once the ceremony began. It was the first time I have noticed that being a guest at a wedding. I'm not sure if that is a "Catholic thing?" Katie and Matt are tons of fun, and their reception and after party were equally pleasing...gotta love the Irish! :) We had a great time in Fishkill and can't wait to visit you guys in NYC! Thanks again for a great night, and CONGRATS!

For My Latest Trick...

Carter has discovered all of the small, low spaces that our apartment/furniture has to offer! Tonight while I was hanging up clothes in my closet Carter was in our bedroom roaming around. Now I was kind of nervous about this because he finds ANYTHING to chew on and then often pukes it up, so I'm constantly watching his every move. However, we have been trying to allow Mr. some independence so that he learns that we trust him, and I personally don't make him neurotic. Anyways, in the whole 2 minutes it took me to hang up my clothes he managed to find the very narrow space between our dresser and the wall. I came out calling "Carter, Carter where are you?" And then I saw his furry little butt behind the dresser. At first it was kind of funny, but when he began to whine and cry because he was trying to get out and got stuck, I started to panic. I called to Adrian and he had to help me move the dresser so Mr. Mr. could get out, it was too heavy for me to do on my own. So needless to say, I think I will be watching him a little more closely...again:)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks Auntie Beth!

This weekend Adrian and I went to Fishkill, NY for our friends Katie (aka "Lurch") and Matt's wedding. Look for pictures soon! Carter spent the weekend with my BF, Beth. I think he was sad to leave her. Thank you for watching the little guy, Laurie Doolittle too! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the hunt for Cousin Kiera..."Where is she? I haven't seen her in a while!"

It was once a Pier 1 bread basket, now it's a toy bin

Can't get enough of the celebrity gossip


Today is Adrian's birthday. I wont give away his age:) We celebrated last night by having a surprise party at our house! Thanks to everyone who came to help Adrian celebrate his first birthday in Syracuse, and thank you for all of the nice gifts- it really means a lot, especially when dealing the with snowy winter weather! We had a great time...lots of laughing, Wii playing by some crazy guests, and Carter was also a big hit. Poor little guy had enough by about 10pm and went and hid under the dining room table!

Today is a quiet day before the start of the work week... only 2 days to work this week, so my usually Sunday horror isn't too bad today:) I've had some quality time with Carter today while Adrian went with Jeremy to watch the Cowboys (hopefully) win . My mom came over for a little bit and we've done lots of lounging and reality TV watching. Right now were catching up on the quality hit "Real Chance at Love."

A visit to "The Square"

We took Carter out to my parents' house of Friday night. This is a pretty big deal because my parents are pretty selective with allowing animals in the house. All went well and I think he may be allowed back for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick Little Guy

Tuesday night turned out to be quite eventful. We ended up in the vet. ER b/c Carter kept throwing up. To make a VERY long story short we're not sure why he was throwing up. He was cleared with a clean bill of health from the ER vet. as well as his regular vet. It's possible that he may have caught a bug from another dog. Living in an apt. complex means using the same "restroom" as a lot of other dogs. So for now he is on a bland diet of canned chicken and rice which he loves, and begs for. It's been almost 24 hours since he last got sick, so keep your fingers crossed that we're over our little stomach bug! I need a good nights sleep!

More Pics


Carter and Cousin Bailey

Ready for his close up

Samson and Goliath

Thanks for the pictures Dad and Uncle Fred!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Stuart Little

Checkin out my tape job in the mirror....

1. We have no life, other than our fine, furry, little friend...and that's ok because he tons of fun. Sometimes hours go by and Adrian and I haven't talked or done anything that is not dog related. Having a dog has got to be a good test run for having a toddler...thoughts??? It can be exhausting!

2. Carter went to sleep in his crate last night, right away, no whining!

3. We had a half day of school today so I brought Carter in to meet my co-workers. He was a hit and put on a good show of "Im a sweet little guy who NEVER bites, NEVER tries to hang on your pant leg, and is VERY clear about my bathroom needs!" Yeah, right.... :) Never the less he was his sweet cuddly self and I think may have convinced a few co-workers that small dogs are not worthless, one even asked for our breeders name! Fun!

4. On my way to present at a PTA meeting tonight Carter proceeded to get sick! Talk about worry! He also got sick while I was gone. After a few phone calls to Aunt Jo, some pure pumpkin(to help settle his tummy) he was like a new guy.

5. Were still trying to figure out his bathroom signals...Im not focused on this at all, am I?!?!

Carter's First Snow!

We were worried about how our 4.4 lb furball would react to the snow, since he refused to walk on hard outdoor surfaces, like pavement, when we first brought him home. However we have ourselves a snow bunny! Hes really cute with it, pushing it around with his nose. Once he gets inside he's like a popsicle, but we warm him up and he's good to go!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Just a quick check in...Carter's vet visit went well! We saw the same vet. that my Aunt and Uncle use, I really liked him, and so did Carter. A few comments were made about the tapped ears from the vet. staff, but I told him "Not to worry, they are all just jealous!" Anyways, the vet said that he is healthy and a bit rolly- polly...more to love I say! :)

I have been working most of the night on paperwork for my part time counseling job, so I will post some new pics tomorrow. We took a few cute ones of Carter playing in his first snow, and also got some good ones sent to us by my dad and Uncle Fred.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Ugh, I hate Sundays, and I have no idea why really. I love my job, Im up early even on the weekend...but I hate Sundays! Sunday evenings in particular...that much closer to Monday a.m. Adrian always gets mad at me when I will do my Sunday countdown, "Ugh 12 more hours and I will be at work." Things like that.

Anyways, today was another eventful day. We met the breeder again today so she could re-tape Carter's ears. She did them a little bit different this time, so I think they will stay better. He's fussing with them less, so thats a good sign. Once we got home my parents came over. Carter was pretty tired from his ear fiasco so I think my dad found him kinda boring. He also referred to him as a "pocket rat." He took some really cute pics of him though. My mom seemed to like him...she was holding him and said that he felt just like a hot water bottle. Then I left the boys home alone for several hours to do some Christmas shopping (pretty much done--yay!) and they slept on the couch the entire I sit and type Ive got one guy watching the Dallas Cowboys (mad that they are not currently winning), and the other is on his side, sleeping...again!

Tomorrow is our first vet appt...wish us luck!

First attempt with the laptop

Sunday morning blogging

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More to Love

How could you not love this face?!

Playing in a new shirt with a new toy from Aunt Bert, who also visited today

Why mom, why?
Dark, but cute!

Carter, Meet Bailey!

Tired after a good chase around the dining room table...Carter started it!

Trying to do some "training"

Fast Friends!

Today we spent most of the day at home catching up on reality shows, for me it was "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," and for Adrian fun for both of us:) After that we decided it best to try and introduce Carter to Aunt Jo and Uncle Fred's 65 lb, 2 year old Golden Retriever, Bailey. We have Thanksgiving at Aunt Jo's so we've been wondering how Samson and Goliath would do with one another. The meeting went really well and after the 2 boys had a chance to get a smell of one another it was pretty comical and really cute!