Tuesday, February 24, 2009

UGG cleaning tip/secret

For all of you addicted to your UGGs as much as I am (p.s. I dont care if they're "out," they are comfy and warm!)...here is a little cleaning secret straight from Mr. "J. Michael," of J. Michael's Shoes on the SU Hill...

No need to buy the $8 bottle of boot cleaner... Simply mix an equal amount of white vinegar and water ( I used 1/2 cup each and that was enough) and wipe UGGS with washcloth. Tried this and it really works! Good luck! Long live the UGG!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Dog Park Really Takes Its Toll!

Carter's new favorite place is the dog park. Here are some pics after a day of playing!


Carter got a new shirt this weekend from Aunt Bert! Spoiled much?

Harley Hound Dog

Check out Carter's new Harley outfit....complete with a shirt, bandanna, and leash...Thanks Grandpa! When do you get the side car for me to ride in?

Ugh..Another bath, really?!?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Thanks for a fun day at the dog park, Cousin Kiera!

The Poor Neighbors!

Carter has discovered his bark...you know the little yippy kid of bark that small dogs have? We thought for a minute that we got lucky and didn't get a terrier that barked...HA! Carter barks now most of the time he sees someone outside...lucky neighbors! Its really not bad at all, I'm exaggerating, but it's noticeable to us since it was rare that we heard him bark in the past. I'm working on trying to figure out how to stop this, although I do like the idea of him alerting me when someone is around. Any advice on how to train a dog to only bark at "bad guys?"

Monday, February 16, 2009


So even though I have the week off from school, the days are flying by! Adrian has been working 12 hour days, so I have been a "single mom," which in turn means that Carter is more spoiled by the day because he is getting non-stop attention from me!

We went to our second puppy class this weekend, where Carter fell in love with a Silky Terrier named Eva...it was quite cute:) Then we had an engagement party for my friend Suzie and her fiance Jeremy. Suzie and Jeremy's wedding is the 3rd wedding that I am in this upcoming summer! Yup IN, not invited to, IN! My BFF, Beth, is getting married 6/26, Im the MOH. Then my Pburgh Partner in Crime, Carla, is getting married on 7/11, in Albany! Suzie and Jeremy's wedding is at the end of August...phew a few weeks to breathe!

So, since Adrian and I spent our V-Day focused on everyone else we are planning to do something as soon as he gets a moment to breathe from work. I am thinking its time for a City run...I could go for some of the enchiladas from his dad's restaurant!

Today I took Carter to the Good Dog Park which is only like 10 mins from our apt. I love the location of our place, everything is so close, and it seems like each week I find out something new that the area has to offer. My co-workers are mostly "lifers" to the area, so I am always learning about new places to eat, shortcuts to the highway, etc...

Anyways, back to the Dog Park, Carter met a few more lady friends today...another Eva (Pug) and Casey (Jack Russel Terrier). He played for about 40 mins and I got to enjoy hours of a sleeping puppy!

I also found another tooth of Carter's tonight while I was making dinner. Its the second one that Ive found so far, although I think that most of his adult teeth are in. Lets hope so, thats one less expense when he gets neutered. If he has any baby teeth left they will extract them during his operation so that he only has to "go under" once. Would it be totally ridiculous if the puppy tooth fairy came?! KIDDING!

Tomorrow we are headed back to the park with Cousin Kiera, and then are having a private training session with an obedience trainer...I'll keep you posted on that one! I also have more pics to post but I have been pretty lazy about that.

Hope you all had a great V-Day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Sling!

Today I got an early b-day present...a sling to carry Carter around in! How perfect for when he wants to be right with me while I clean or cook...or for Spring days when we take a walk, and he gets tired! Adrian thinks I like the sling more than Carter, but I don't agree. :)

Some New Pics

Carter in his new V-Day shirt from Aunt Bert!

Trying to figure out what he'll wear next Sat. for his Valentine!

Preppy Puppy...that's not a cigarette in his paw, thats a chewy!

Enjoying the fresh air

Playing with his new toy from Aunt Bert! She keeps
his toy basket full!