Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Carter came home today from a successful surgery. He is currently enjoying a chewy treat on the edge of his steps (yes, the ones that help him get up and down from the furniture)...He has a collar a.k.a "cone" to wear so that he doesn't lick the pics to follow!

Tomorrow is the NKOTB concert...YAY!

I had a great bday night! Adrian and I went to Pastabilities, one of our fave restaurants, and he got me a really nice gift! Thank you to everyone else for the cards, gifts, and phone calls...I feel very spoiled!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Thank you for all of the birthday wishes!

Surgery Update

Carter's surgery was a success! Adrian spoke to Dr. Warmuth today. We can pick him up tomorrow afternoon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh Dear!

Tonight was our first puppy class...YIKES! If Carter was human he would have laryngitis because of his antics! Im keeping my fingers crossed that next week Carter will be a little more used to the class, and less inclined to cry, beg, pull, jump (you pick a verb) to get to the other dogs! I wonder what the other dog owners thought of me? There I was just like "Ok, yup, hes mine, hes excited, and Im ignoring..stop looking at me people!!!"

Tomorrow the little guy goes in to be neutered. :( Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Donuts for Dudes was a success! We made the "Neighbors North" section of the paper, and there were lots of happy and hyped-up-on-sugar children that day at school!

HAPPY 30th, Emily!

4 days til my bday!

6 days til Donnie Wahlberg!

Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to School!

We got confirmation that Carter has been accepted as the 8th pup in the S.T.A.R. Puppy Program! YAY! We are supposed to start class on 3/23, for 8 weeks of training, and the 9th week is his graduation! hahahaha...He is like my child:) This is the first AKC recognized puppy class, and will help prepare him for his CGC, which I definitely want him to get. Keep your fingers crossed that Carter moves to the head of the class! He has been a happy pup lately b/c I have been home from work with bronchitis. Side note- for some reason our laptop and camera are not on the same wave length, so I have to be in the most patient of moods (HA) in order to upload photos...I will try again this weekend!

Tomorrow I am definitely going in to work, regardless of how I am feeling because we have our Annual "Donuts for Dudes" celebration in the a.m! "Donuts for Dudes" is my own play on "Donuts for Dads." My goal is to celebrate and encourage male involvement in students' academics and school community. Last year was our first celebration and we had over 500 people! We have local companies donate items for a free raffle, staff volunteer their time to help serve and take pictures, Dunkin donates donuts, Starbucks donates coffee and supplies us with a barrista (fancy, fancy!), and local grocers supply gift cards for us to get additional items (i.e. creamer, sugar, napkins). It is a crazy event to plan, but the kids love it! This year the media is supposed to come...I have already told my Principal that I do not wish to appear on TV! Ill let you know how that goes!

House plans are moving along nicely, Ill keep you posted on that too!
6 days until the Big 3-0!
8 days til NKOTB!
I have to be to work at 6:30 a.m., so...Good night!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Check Up/Update

Dr. Warmuth (Liverpool Animal Health them, love her) called us today with the results of Carter's blood work. He is scheduled to get neutered on the 24th (yes, my bday!), so he had to have pre-surgical blood work completed to make sure that everything was ok. Everything came back great! No issues with his kidneys or liver. His glucose level was great, which is important with small dogs b/c they can go into diabetic shock, he is not anemic, and his platelet count is high. Apparently his phosphorus level was slightly elevated, but the Dr. isnt worried because this is normal with growing pups. I was happy to hear this, and happy to speak with the Dr. reagarding some other concerns about know some of those new little habits I blogged about earlier?

The Dr confirmed that Carter is a very smart, spoiled, little "stinker," who is testing his limits in regards to eating, playing, etc...We are working on a new behavior plan at home (now I get to bring my work home, and Adrian gets to see how I spend my days--planned ignoring, providing prompts, etc)! :) We also found out from Carter's vet visit that he is quiet the little pork chop. He is now weighing in at 9.1 lbs! He's getting to be around cat more "pocket rat," or "mobil guinea pig" here! The Dr. is not concerned about his weight...he is healthy and well exercised.

Sorry about the lack of pics lately. I will try to take some this weekend and post them. Currently, Carter is on the top of the back of the couch, wedged between the pillow back and actual couch, which would be a cute pic, but if Adrian or I move...down goes Carter!

In regards to Adrian and I-- we both are busy working. Adrian is working full time and I have picked up additional hours at my second job. It's a lot, but worth it when you are looking to buy a house in the upcoming months! I will be so excited when I can post that we are home owners!

We are figuring out what to do for my actual bday, we will most likely go to dinner that night. On the 26th I am going to the NKOTB (youre jealous, I know) concert with Em and Beth. And on the 28th it's time to party it up Cuse style!

My mom and I are going to the Outlet this weekend to do some shopping, which either proves as very productive (meaning lots of items purchased) or a total dud...usually a dud when you've actually got $$ to spend, unfortunately!

We are also gearing up for a trip to visit Brian in VA this April, as well as a trip downstate to visit Adrian's family. Spring Break is just around the corner, and yes, I have started the countdown to the end of the school year! :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thanks Cousin Kiera!

For watching me today while my mom and dad went to look at houses! See you soon!

Catch That Dog!

Forgot to mention this Carter met our friends' Yorkie, Louie. He had so much fun playing with him (they live in our complex), that when I went to open the sliding glass door to shut the screen door, he darted and took off for Louies! After Adrian yelling for him to "Come back here," and then some "Dont you moves" when he finally stopped, we got him back in the house. Needless to say he was in time out for a few minutes!

One Spoiled Dog Lives Here

Well, I've created a monster...okay you may ask how something that weighs 6 or so pounds is a monster....
Let me update you on our furry friend-
1. He's spoiled!!
2. He knows how to play me like a fiddle, but I AM TRYING NOT TO GIVE IN TO THE CUTENESS OF HIS FACE!
3. He knows that he CANNOT play his father (aka Adrian) like a fiddle!
4. He refuses to eat his food unless there are veggies a'top, and once he eats those off he cries and whines for more...
5. Speaking of crying- I used to think it was cute that Carter would "talk" to me, again--he knows how to play me, and lets just say that I am trying to spend less time responding /giving in to his "talking!"

Currently, the poor deprived pup, is crying for more veggies and taking out every Kong in the place in hopes for a little treat to fall out...

Thoughts? Suggestions?
By the way-- I love this dog like I birthed him myself...I didnt want anyone to think that I was a wire monkey!