Friday, December 19, 2008

Loved by All...What a Feeling!

I took Carter into work on Thursday at the end of the day to say hi to everybody. Right away a TA saw him and said "Oh, this is what I needed right now, it's been such a rough day." It was nice to know that seeing our little furball made her feel better, even for a small moment. Then he got lots of love from his Auntie Melanie, the School Nurse! Carter then made his second trip to the Principal's Office, where he was greeted enthusiastically by his "Uncle Tony," thats a direct quote from the horse's mouth! "Uncle Tony" likes to swoop Carter up and take him to a mirror where they can look at one another and see how cute they are. To know Tony is to love Tony, and I am SO thankful that he is my Principal!

Later on that night Aunt Karen called to formally invite us to Christmas Eve at her house. Of course we're going, it's tradition! Then she asked if Carter could come too! So excited that Carter gets to be a part of the festivities. I told Aunt Karen we would bring him, but that Aunt Bert has already requested to babysit him that night, and if we back out totally she will be hearbroken! So Carter will be visting both Aunt's houses that night.

How lucky are we to have such an in-demand pup?! He's the best and every day we tell one another how much we love him....even when he snarling and biting our pant legs,asking to go outside in the middle of a snow storm, begging for food, and crying and whining! :) What a guy!

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