Sunday, December 7, 2008

Such a Big Guy

Enjoying the heat from the floor registers at my parent's house.

Rough-housing with "dad."

Carter's new "I've been Naughty" shirt, which he wore today when he got his picture taken with Santa:)

Christmas ornament from my friend, Melanie, who is the school nurse in my building. She picked this up for us in Cocoa Beach, FLA.

One of Carter's favorite spots, especially when he's mad and pouting!

Carter has been spending a lot more time in his crate since Adrian and I have been on the go non-stop it seems like. Friday night we went to my work Holiday party...good times I might add! Saturday we did some Christmas shopping and then went to dinner at one of our faves- Pastabilities, in d'town Syracuse--I highly recommend it! He's getting so big and developing quit a personality! Today was another busy day of baths, pictures, and a trip to see his grandma and grandpa!

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The Riggs said...

what a cute little guy! Can't wait to see his pics with Santa!!!