Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cross Your Fingers!

Last night I wrapped almost all of our Christmas presents. It took me about 4 hours. Adrian helped with the tags, which was a pretty big help because I don't like to do the tags. Carter slept through most of it, with a few funny moments here and there. We also put down the tree skirt last night and piled the presents on, hoping that he would be afraid of the boxes and not notice the pretty sequins! So far so good!

This a.m. I had to print out some paperwork for my part-time counseling job that I do. This was Carter's first experience with the printer. Clearly he didn't like it because he spent the entire time crying and hiding behind the curtains or growling from a distance! This dog is crazy--he's afraid of a laser jet, but makes friends with a Great Dane during his last vet appt. Adrian always says "That's your son," I'm not sure what he means by that?!?

Anyways, here is a new picture from last night of the boys watching me wrap. Yes, Adrian is able to write tags while laying down--who knew?!?


The Riggs said...

I'm so jealous. I don't have a single gift purchased yet! Always a last minute for us! Hope you don't lose any tree ornaments :)

Emily said...

This is such a cute pic! I have yet to wrap...YIKES!

The Riggs said...

Hi! We will be home for the xmas party...I hope :) will you be there???