Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Stuart Little

Checkin out my tape job in the mirror....

1. We have no life, other than our fine, furry, little friend...and that's ok because he tons of fun. Sometimes hours go by and Adrian and I haven't talked or done anything that is not dog related. Having a dog has got to be a good test run for having a toddler...thoughts??? It can be exhausting!

2. Carter went to sleep in his crate last night, right away, no whining!

3. We had a half day of school today so I brought Carter in to meet my co-workers. He was a hit and put on a good show of "Im a sweet little guy who NEVER bites, NEVER tries to hang on your pant leg, and is VERY clear about my bathroom needs!" Yeah, right.... :) Never the less he was his sweet cuddly self and I think may have convinced a few co-workers that small dogs are not worthless, one even asked for our breeders name! Fun!

4. On my way to present at a PTA meeting tonight Carter proceeded to get sick! Talk about worry! He also got sick while I was gone. After a few phone calls to Aunt Jo, some pure pumpkin(to help settle his tummy) he was like a new guy.

5. Were still trying to figure out his bathroom signals...Im not focused on this at all, am I?!?!

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