Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Ugh, I hate Sundays, and I have no idea why really. I love my job, Im up early even on the weekend...but I hate Sundays! Sunday evenings in particular...that much closer to Monday a.m. Adrian always gets mad at me when I will do my Sunday countdown, "Ugh 12 more hours and I will be at work." Things like that.

Anyways, today was another eventful day. We met the breeder again today so she could re-tape Carter's ears. She did them a little bit different this time, so I think they will stay better. He's fussing with them less, so thats a good sign. Once we got home my parents came over. Carter was pretty tired from his ear fiasco so I think my dad found him kinda boring. He also referred to him as a "pocket rat." He took some really cute pics of him though. My mom seemed to like him...she was holding him and said that he felt just like a hot water bottle. Then I left the boys home alone for several hours to do some Christmas shopping (pretty much done--yay!) and they slept on the couch the entire I sit and type Ive got one guy watching the Dallas Cowboys (mad that they are not currently winning), and the other is on his side, sleeping...again!

Tomorrow is our first vet appt...wish us luck!


Kiera said...

Live in the moment, pumpkin--why ruin 12 good hours with dread? :)

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way! I think it's from the college days of the "Sunday Anxiety Hangover Syndrome!" I love the "hotlanta" girls too..well I hate Kim and that fake ass hair, but besides that...oh and NeNe's voice annoys the life out of me. We were actually watching ESPN and Eric Snow was on and the BF was so impressed I knew who he was...haha

The Riggs said...

Hey!!! It's Monday, Monday! Where's new puppy pics??? jk.