Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yesterday I went to a Tastefully Simple party at my friend, Heather's house, with my other friend, Tracy. She lives right around the corner from the house that Adrian and I are interested in buying this spring...keep your fingers crossed it's still on the market then. Anyways we had a great time...lots of Red Cat and Bully Hill going around! Hope to see you girls again soon!

Today I picked up my dress for my friend, Beth's wedding. Im the MOH, and I absolutely LOVE the dress! YAY! 1 dress down, 2 more to go!

After the dress pick up we took Carter to the "Good Dog Park." This was our first time going there. I was pretty surprised how busy the park was, considering it was only 30 degrees today, although by CNY standards 30 in Jan is pretty good. We took our petite pup to the "small dog" side. 25 lbs and under, please. The "big dog" side was scary! Lots of labs, a pit, husky, and a beagle. Not that we were personally afraid, but Carter is much too little to run with the big dogs. He thinks he's a big dog, oh but not so much. Anyways, Carter had a blast. He made friends with Ricky, a Boston Terrier. Personally, I think Ricky was a little rough with our guy, but there was no injury and Carter was loving his life! We were there for about a half an hour before Adrian and I were freezing and decided to leave. So, Carter was stripped of his cute little sweater that was now covered in snow and was wrapped tight in a blanket to warm up...and we wonder why he is spoiled!

PS- NKOTB, here we come! SOOO excited:)


Emily said...

When are we having a doggie play-date?

The Riggs said...

Carter is the MAN!