Monday, January 19, 2009

Bad at Posting

I have been bad a posting these last few days. There has been a lot going on...Adrian has been away visiting his mom in Westchester...we had a long weekend for MLK day...we have been looking at houses in the area to buy...Carter went to Aunt Jo and Uncle Fred's house today and learned some new commands (what a smart guy I have)...Em and D stopped over on Friday...Aunt Jo, Kiera, Jeannine, Mom and Aunt Bert on Sat...the list goes on! Nothing too exciting, but enough to keep me from documenting every step Carter takes!

Speaking of steps...Grandma bought Carter steps so that he can get up and down from the couch without our help. He is a little skeptical still about using them, but when tired enough or when hungry enough he will use them without issue. I will post pics of this cuteness soon!

Still trying to figure out whats up for the Big 3-0 in March...I will keep you all posted!

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The Riggs said...

Can't wait to see new pics of Carter! Good luck house shopping!! We think you should celebrate the big 3-0 in Louisville, KY!!