Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Puppy Class Here We Come!

Carter went to the vet today and received his final puppy shot, as well as a kennel cough vaccination. This means our boy can now start attending puppy class...YAY! The vet also began speaking to us about neutering him and possibly micro-chipping him. This will all take place around six mos, which means probably sometime in March. Sorry for the lack of new, fun pics...I've been busy after work and with group starting back up tomorrow I may take a few days to post new ones...Carter is as cute as ever though...he's currently watching me type and Adrian play Wii tennis,while suffering from those darn hiccups!

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The Riggs said...

Good luck with puppy classes. We never got them and I REALLY wish we had!! I'm sure Carter will be at the head of his class!