Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad Habit and some Randoms

I have this awful habit of creating countdowns. For example, I am on summer vacation for 10 weeks. I have already started the countdown to September. Not in a "oh I cant wait to get back to work and see my 500 kids.." no, in a "oh my God, It is July 1st, I am out of town for a total of 9 days this month, I am taking 54 hours at the Teacher Center in July, I have groups and individual therapy almost every day this month, I am moving in August, the days will fly by, summer is over!" kind of way. I found myself doing this today for the first time, and I'm wondering if there are others out there that do that too?

On another note, I am a bit disappointed with the weather. The temps have barely reached 75 most days, and the rain continues to creep in each day. This leaves very little time for the pool! I need a tan, doesn't Mother Nature know this?

Today Carter and I went to Onondaga Lake Park and walked for 2 miles. Then we went over to the Good Dog Park. Carter was loving life, harassing all the other pups, when of course there was a mini- disaster. When Carter is involved, there is always an issue! All of the sudden while playing on one of the dog toys, Carter falls off onto his side and begins crying, more like squealing, non-stop. This of course disturbs the other dogs and they begin barking and jumping all over me as I am attempting to carry Carter to safety. He seems to be fine, I'm not sure if it hurt when he fell, or just scared him, probably a little bit of both. Although I will say he's pretty rough and tumbly, so when he was crying like that I was really worried. Adrian told me that happened when he took Carter there one time when I wasn't with them. I asked him why he never told me, and he said because I worry too much. A mother always needs to know when there has been an accident!

Anyway, just some random thoughts on this overcast Wednesday...sun- come out, come out wherever you are!

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