Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bethany Kate and Shane's Wedding

Yesterday I was the Maid of Honor in my best friend, Beth's wedding. The ceremony was held at The Landmark Theatre in Downtown Syracuse There were 5 Bridesmaids plus me, the MOH. Shane had 6 Groomsmen and his Best Man, as well as a flower girl and Shane's son as the Ring Bearer. He was too cute, carrying the rings down in a baseball glove. Too bad he's probably going to grow up a Red Sox fan! It was absolutely beautiful, with a bagpiper playing for the guests just before Beth and her dad walked down the aisle. The ceremony went well, with a few moments of laughter giving it some character. I was wearing Beth's engagement ring during the ceremony and was so nervous that I was going to loose it! I have no idea why, I guess just wedding jitters. The reception was the longest I've been to yet- 7pm-1am! It was held at the Genessee Grande Hotel in Syracuse, another gorgeous choice!
The food and drinks were plentiful, and as the evening wore on and the crazy bridal party let loose and changed into flip flops and their street clothes, we danced (and I mean danced!) the night away!
Here are my 10 top favorite things about Beth and Shane's day:
1- The marquee outside of The Landmark displaying their names
2- The Bagpiper
3- The excited look on Shane's face as he waited for Beth to come down the aisle.
4- The tears in Shane's Best Man's eyes.
5- The champagne that flowed in the hotel while we were getting ready, in the limo, and at the reception! :) Love champagne!
6- The fact that we had 2 stretch limos, just to make sure that everyone was comfortable...I mean, we did have some big boys on Shane's side.
7- Giving the speech and the compliments I received afterward...who knew?!?
9- Grabbing the mic and singing some totally inappropriate songs to the crowd with Beth
10- Beth's Grandma, Hilde, bustin a move at 12 a.m.!

Something I was not so fond of- the camera crew! I felt like I was on reality TV! Beth had a videographer with us the ENTIRE day! Everytime I turned around, there he was! YIKES! However, I know that he will put together a great video for the 2 of them to enjoy:) I had such a great time getting to know the other Bridesmaids and I can't wait to see them all again.

Thanks for the ride home Colby!
Jaime your text about the bra is still cracking me up! I paid good money for that so dont get any ideas on taking it for Suzie's wedding! :)

2 more weeks and I am off to Albany for my 2nd Bridesmaid duty this summer! Then, a nice wedding break, until August when another friend is married. I get to be a guest at that one though!

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