Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time to Breathe!

Ok, so for anyone who has bought a home in the last year, or is in the process, you will appreciate this. Meaning- Allison, Tracy, Deb, Brian, etc etc...who isnt buying that is the question! I have officially locked into my mortgage contract. Why is this big news you ask? Well, the market has been at an all time low in regards to rates over the last several months (5% and under), and historically over the last 13 years. HOWEVER, OF COURSE, over the last week interest rates have increased ( and then decreased, increased, etc) which in turn affects EVERYTHING-monthly payment, cash needed to close, etc. Of course this is the week that I was looking to "lock in," leaving me with the decision to play it safe, or gamble a bit with the hopes that the rates go back down. So, the decision to gamble with the market was made late last week, and Im glad I did...I finally locked in my rate tonight! YAY...peace of mind! Although I still sit and wonder what could have been, I feel confident with my decision. Next step is the home inspection and obtaining home insurance quotes. Note- As I sit and type this I think "how boring, I cant believe that you are blogging about this." Thats what "grown-ups" do I guess. I tend to not blog about anything too personal and there will NEVER be a personal pic posted...I have a deep set paranoia from the school district I work for re: blogging without tenure! Also, as some of you may know I have a lovely little second job with some "interesting" clients, so while they should not be using the Internet to Google their therapist, one never knows. I mean, I drive and use the cell..oops.

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