Sunday, March 8, 2009

One Spoiled Dog Lives Here

Well, I've created a monster...okay you may ask how something that weighs 6 or so pounds is a monster....
Let me update you on our furry friend-
1. He's spoiled!!
2. He knows how to play me like a fiddle, but I AM TRYING NOT TO GIVE IN TO THE CUTENESS OF HIS FACE!
3. He knows that he CANNOT play his father (aka Adrian) like a fiddle!
4. He refuses to eat his food unless there are veggies a'top, and once he eats those off he cries and whines for more...
5. Speaking of crying- I used to think it was cute that Carter would "talk" to me, again--he knows how to play me, and lets just say that I am trying to spend less time responding /giving in to his "talking!"

Currently, the poor deprived pup, is crying for more veggies and taking out every Kong in the place in hopes for a little treat to fall out...

Thoughts? Suggestions?
By the way-- I love this dog like I birthed him myself...I didnt want anyone to think that I was a wire monkey!

1 comment:

The Riggs said...

no suggestions here! Daisy wakes me up in the middle of the night for treats....and she gets them! Carter is so cute he deserves to be spoiled rotten!