Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to School!

We got confirmation that Carter has been accepted as the 8th pup in the S.T.A.R. Puppy Program! YAY! We are supposed to start class on 3/23, for 8 weeks of training, and the 9th week is his graduation! hahahaha...He is like my child:) This is the first AKC recognized puppy class, and will help prepare him for his CGC, which I definitely want him to get. Keep your fingers crossed that Carter moves to the head of the class! He has been a happy pup lately b/c I have been home from work with bronchitis. Side note- for some reason our laptop and camera are not on the same wave length, so I have to be in the most patient of moods (HA) in order to upload photos...I will try again this weekend!

Tomorrow I am definitely going in to work, regardless of how I am feeling because we have our Annual "Donuts for Dudes" celebration in the a.m! "Donuts for Dudes" is my own play on "Donuts for Dads." My goal is to celebrate and encourage male involvement in students' academics and school community. Last year was our first celebration and we had over 500 people! We have local companies donate items for a free raffle, staff volunteer their time to help serve and take pictures, Dunkin donates donuts, Starbucks donates coffee and supplies us with a barrista (fancy, fancy!), and local grocers supply gift cards for us to get additional items (i.e. creamer, sugar, napkins). It is a crazy event to plan, but the kids love it! This year the media is supposed to come...I have already told my Principal that I do not wish to appear on TV! Ill let you know how that goes!

House plans are moving along nicely, Ill keep you posted on that too!
6 days until the Big 3-0!
8 days til NKOTB!
I have to be to work at 6:30 a.m., so...Good night!

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The Riggs said...

what a busy life you lead Miss Riggs! Good luck Carter! Study hard!