Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Moonlighting for AAA?

Tonight on my way home from my 2nd job to pick up Carter at my parent's house, I ran out of gas on the highway. Yup, that actually happens to people, and it's actually something that I have done twice now with this car! I guess it takes me a while to learn my lesson. Side note- if you have a Jeep and the gas light comes on, go get gas...don't wait it out to save a dime like I did! Its a little game I like to play- see how cheap I can find gas for. Anyways, of course I was literally like 1/4 of a mile from a gas station, but there was no way I was getting out and walking in the dark on the highway! So, I called my parents and they came, gas can in well as Carter. Poor little guy had been sleeping all evening after a long day at daycare and was then woken to rescue his mother on the side of the highway! Now we joke that he moonlights at AAA... and just in case you were wondering, I saved $1.50 in gas, due to the little jump start of gas I got from my dad!

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The Riggs said...

This reminds me of a time when Emma and I had to buy $3 of gas with change because Dan had my wallet. Fun times :)