Sunday, May 31, 2009


Carter has been sick with the stomach bug since early, and I mean early (!) Wednesday morning. We have been to the vet twice and I am crossing my fingers that the puking has stopped! Poor little guy has been dehydrated from getting sick, so each time he has gone to the vet they have given him a little water hump under his collar to get fluids into his system. I then spend my time telling anyone and everyone that sees him, "No, that's not a goiter or a tumor, he is dehydrated...." Most people probably don't even notice, but there I am explaining away! So, because of my boredom and staying in the house with this sick little pup all weekend, as you can see I have been playing around with our blog. When Myspace first came out, I was all over that. Changing my page, adding pictures non-stop, now I guess I don't care as much, well, and lets admit it, Im not as Blogger savvy as I was Myspace savvy! However, thanks for the compliments on the new page...I can't guarantee that it will change again anytime soon...I gotta get out of this house!:)

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The Riggs said...

Feel better Carter!!