Sunday, April 26, 2009

One for Old Times Sake

Today me, Adrian, Cousin Brian, Aunt Jo, Uncle Fred, Mom, Dad, and Aunt Bert went to Eddie's in Sylvan Beach! Looove Eddie's...not because the food is great, but more because it used to be a family tradition that we would all go to Eddie's for dinner when my grandparents were alive. My grandma would fight with my mom and aunts about who was going to pay for dinner. My cousin Brian likes to reminisce about how one time my grandma called my Aunt Jo a "horse's ass" while fighting over who would pay for the bill. It was Adrian's first time in Sylvan Beach. We took yummy dessert home, so were going to enjoy our cake and pie while watching the Yanks beat (cross your fingers, please!) the Sox!

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Emily said...

I love me some Eddies. Did either of you two get the famous fish dinner? Good times.